Dunlop Wire Wheels

We have a range of wire wheels, splined hubs and spinners in stock to cover most of the Classic British sports cars. These products can either replace your existing worn wheels, hubs and spinners or enable you to convert from disc wheels to splined or bolt on wire wheels.

Dunlop wire wheels are a first class, top quality wheel made under licence by Motor Wheel Services of England.

These quality engineered and manufactured wire wheels utilise the latest stainless spokes, chrome applications and production techniques, to ISO 9001 AND ISO 14001 standard, and they are guaranteed for up to 3 years.

Dunlop Wire Wheels are manufactured to look as close as possible to the original equipment but have numerous technological advances to extend the life and safety features of your wheels. Browse our range.

These wheels are available with/without hubs and other accessories to suit many vehicles including MG, Triumph, Lotus, Jaguar, Healey, TVR, MX5, Aston Martin, Ferrari and many others….

Dunlop bolt on wheels are also available for limited models.

Have a look at the Dunlop Wire Wheel Gallery to see these wheels fitted to a variety of cars.

Please view the fitment guide to show available options for your vehicle or search for your vehicle type in the search bar above.

Please note: Displayed prices for wheels are for a single wheel only. Hubs & spinners must be purchased separately.