LA Custom Wires Fitment

LA Custom Wires Fitting Guide

LA Custom Wires are easily fitted to most vehicles with a range of hubs predrilled for most stud patterns, or we can have a set of blanks drilled for more unusual stud patterns.  The unique mounting system for these wheels makes it a breeze to convert your classic or modern car easily to the fantastic look of wire wheels.

LA Custom Wires Fitting Instructions for Hubs

These instructions must be strictly adhered to for warranty validation.

There are 4 splined hubs, 2 red and 2 white. It is very important to fit these to the correct side of the vehicle.

The RED hubs are fitted to the RIGHT-HAND side of the vehicle (as you are seated in the vehicle). The WHITE hubs are fitted to the LEFT-HAND side of the vehicle (as you are seated in the vehicle). This gives you a left hand thread on the right-hand side and a right hand thread on the left-hand side of the vehicle.

You must ensure that these hubs sit perfectly flat with the original vehicle hub face.

The hubs must be fitted to the vehicle with tapered wheel nuts (usually used to fit original steel wheels) and make sure these wheel nuts are not too long so as to prevent the wheel seating correctly. These nuts must be tightened to the original vehicle wheel nut torque specification. Once the vehicle has been driven, the wheels are to be removed and these nuts retorqued.


LA Custom Wires - Fitting Instructions for Wheels

The wheels are fitted over the hubs and fully located on the dog drive at the rear of the wheel.

The spinner is then hit with the lead hammer until with reasonable force the spinner will not turn. The vehicle is then lowered onto its’ wheels and after a road test the spinners are to be retightened.

Most leaks are caused by damage by incorrect fitting of tyres and no warranty will be given for damage caused by fitting of the tyre. It is suggested to have the wheel properly checked for leaks before leaving the tyre fitter.