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LA Custom Wires

The latest in splined wire wheels to suit most makes and models. Browse our range.

The LA Custom range of wheels are designed to be quickly and easily fitted to a wide variety of vehicles and indeed there are very few that they won’t fit. Their unique design enables fitment to most cars.

They take standard tubeless tyres in standard sizes for very easy fitment.

Have a look at the LA Custom Wire Gallery to see these wheels fitted to a variety of different vehicles.

Please note: Displayed prices are for a single wheel only. Hubs & spinners must be purchased separately.

Wide Range

There are an assortment of styles, sizes and designs

Full Chrome

Full Gold

Gold & Chrome

Octagon Spinners

2 Winged Spinners

3 Winged Spinners

Available in sizes 13 - 22 inch in diameter, 5.5 - 10 inch widths and with differing offsets from 72 to 180 spokes

The 72 spoke range gives a classic look for your modern or classic car. We even stock a range of whitewall tyres to suit.

Contact us with questions or view them all in the online catalogue