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Roadster (Sports) and Fixed head coupé


3996 cc / 8 cylinder


1996 –




Rim Size

8″ x 18″


Five Stud 120.7 mm PCD

Number of Spokes




Inset (mm)

121 (+/- 3) Click here to view an explanation of inset, outset and back spacing.


Front : 245/45R18
Rear : 255/45R18


This wheel has always been tubeless. Tubes are only required if fitting tube-type tyres.

If you are using tube-type tyres or wish to fit a tube for any other reason then please contact us. We recommend using 18″/19″ rim bands.


This wheel has been manufactured for the “after market” only – the original factory fitted wheels are alloys, which vary in style & sizes (17″, 19″ & 20″).

There may be clearance problems if the vehicle has been fitted with Brembo brakes. The standard brake callipers were ATE however, Brembo callipers were offered as an upgrade and fitted as standard on some higher spec models. Always check which braking system is being used.

P.C.D. is the Pitch Circle Diameter and is the diameter of an imaginary circle drawn through the centres of the holes, click here for instructions on measuring PCDs.

All ACWW bolt-on wire wheels are supplied with the appropriate nuts, caps and wrench. Replacement centre caps, replacement nuts, locking nuts and Jaguar badges are available from stock.

For bolt-on wheel nuts the recommended torque is 75 ft lb (10.4 N m) but may vary depending on the vehicle


Stainless Steel: two year structural and cosmetic

The warranty period commences from the date of invoice and is subject to the wheels being maintained as per our Wheel Care advice and in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions. Please retain the warranty tag supplied with each wheel as it contains the information required to identify the wheel in the event of a claim.

Please note: ACWW warranty automatically becomes void if the wheels have been: subject to re-work or change; fitted with tyres other than the manufacturer’s recommended fitment; or used for track events.

Splined Hubs

Option 1

Bolt-on wheels – no hubs required




KC756/760/762 (contact us for this item)


Bolt-on centre caps

Badge for centre of cap

Extra Information

Other comments

Always check the history of the vehicle to ensure that there have been no modifications to the running gear.

Hubs/splines, spinners and nuts remain the same, unless noted otherwise, regardless of which wheel is fitted.

We also stock wire wheel maintenance accessories such as our Cleaning Kit (Refills available) and Cleaning Brush.

If you require any more information or advice please contact us:
Call 02 6586 1100 or 0412 780 900 – e-mail Paul & Gay